VFP Grid Control

VFP Grid Control

How can I freeze the left-most column in a multicolumn grid? Normally when you scan records to the right side of the grid, you lose the information on the left-most column. How can I prevent losing my label on the left side? Is there a third party software that can do this if VFP can’t?

You might want to use the partition property to split the grid and then turn off the scrollbars (at least the vertical) in the left panel of the grid.

Try the following:
1. create a table that will be viewed in the grid
3. Drop a grid onto the form
4. In the init of the grid put the following:

WITH this     .Partition = 50     .PanelLink = .F.       .Panel = 0  && Make left panel of grid active     .Scrollbars=1 && only horz scrollbars on left     .Panel = 1  && Make rght panel of grid active     *-- Turn off record and delete marks in      *-- right partition     .RecordMark =.F.     .DeleteMark = .F.ENDWITH

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