November 10, 1999

Including XML Element in URL

Question: I have the XML structure: …….. I use this segment in an XSL template to create a list of hyperlinks that take me to the product page where [orderno]

Variable Length Ordered Lists Using XSL

Question: I’m attempting to create an ordered list every time the Sequence attribute of a Para element has been set to ‘Begin’. The list should continue until it reaches a

Advantage of Using GET Method in ASP Forms

We all are familiar with disadvantages of GET method when compared to POST method. However, there is a real advantage of using GET when you are creating a link that

Right Place to Free up Resources

It is always recommend to free all object and variables at the end of a procedure. This can be done using the syntax MyVariable = Nothing. However, you should use

Use Escape Key to Close Your AWT Dialogs

It has become customary for Microsoft Windows users to close an active window by pressing the escape key. It is not that easy to intercept key events in Java. This