December 22, 1999

Single-Threaded DLL and Web Server Application

Question: We have a legacy database system called Universe, which is owned by Ardent Software. Ardent offers a product called uvObjects which is a single-threaded DLL that can be loaded

Apply Web Site Templates Using Includes

Question: I want to create a consistent look and feel to my site. Without using frames, how do I apply a template to all my Web pages that will include

Using the Find Method of the Window Object

Question: Can I find the text on an HTML page from another window (where the find option is available)? Answer: If you are using Netscape Navigator 4+, you can use

Simulate a PDA in a Web Page

Question: What is the best way to go about simulating a PDA (personal digital assistant) in a Web page? I want to simulate a change of menu many times. Can

Bevel Flat Graphics in FrontPage 2000

An overlooked feature in FrontPage 2000 is the one-click tool to add a nice bevel to your graphics. A bevel makes the image stand out from the page and adds