February 9, 2000

Event ID 1025 – EcGenerateReadReport

Question: I am getting this error message in the event viewer for my Exchange Server: Event Id: 1025Source: MSExchaneIS PrivateType: WarningCategory: GeneralDescription: An error occurredFunction name or description of problem:

Present Lists Using the SELECT Control

You can use the SELECT control to present a predefined list to the user. The SELECT control is useful for quickly selecting one or more items from a predefined or

Volatile Semantics and Container Objects

Volatile objects are used in multithreaded applications and applications that map hardware devices into registers. Although you can declare an STL container object with the volatile qualifier, you will not

When Is It Safe to Use Inline?

Excessive use of inline functions might bloat the size of the executable and reduce execution speed. In other words, using inline abundantly can degrade rather than enhance performance. For this