February 14, 2000

C-Style Function Pointers

Question: While trying to port some C code to a C++ implementation, I ran into this problem. The module this came out of was designed to “automate data handling used to free and allocate memory as needed.” When compiling the legacy code in VC++ (it was compilable with WATCOM C/C++

Languages Used for Windows Programs

Question: I need to know what languages are used in the implementation and programming of Windows 95 et al. (Windows 98, Windows NT, and Windows 2000). Any help or referrals would help me greatly. Answer: Win32 systems are written mostly in C. Higher-level components (e.g., Web browsers, compilers, Outlook, Office,

Display an Alert After the Page Loads

Question: How do I make an alert box pop up 10 seconds after the page loads? Answer: You can display an alert a certain length of time after the page loads using the onLoad event and the setTimeout() method. The setTimeout() method takes any bit of JavaScript and runs it

Access Selected Text Using TextRange.text

Question: If I use my mouse to highlight some text (it may not be in the nor in the ) displayed in the browser, and then click on any button or link, can JavaScript take care of the text just like “submit” does? For example, take the text as a

Outlook Client Locks Up

Question: We have someone using PPTP to connect to our Exchange server. He is able to use the intranet without problems. He can even get into Outlook, but the troubles start there. Outlook freezes up after it’s been open or when he tries to open an attachment. What’s going on?

New Versus Malloc()

Question: Why is it necessary to typecast the return value of malloc() but not for the new operator? This question has been asked of many C++ experts but no one has given me a convincing answer. Answer: Unlike malloc(), operator new is aware of the type of the object it

Removing cc:Mail Connector

Question: I need to remove the cc:Mail connector. How do I do this? Answer: Though it would seem intuitive to select the connector and click Delete but that actually won’t work with the cc:Mail connector in Exchange 5.5. What you need to do is run Exchange Setup again and select

Duplicate Holidays on Outlook Calendar

Question: Because my work and home computers were accidentally set to different time zones when I imported Calendar info from one system to the other, I ended up with multiple instances of the same holiday on the same date?three Christmases on December 25th. Although I can go through the current

Dynamic Views Using the System Date

Question: I have a user who wants me to create a dynamic search view where the data retrieved is effective within the last six months using the system date. Is there some sort of date editing on the select clause that I can use (i.e., where the effective date is

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