March 4, 2000

Open the Internet Connection dialog

The dialog you see when you start an Internet connection is implemented in the RNAUI.DLL file, and the specific function is called RnaDial. To open this dialog from your application

Create a simple Windows inspector

It takes only a handful of lines of code to create Windows inspector program, that is, an utility that lets you display the handle, the class name and the contents

How did Windows start?

If you need to know how Windows was started you have just to call an API function: GetSystemMetrics. Passing the SM_CLEANBOOT constant as parameter, the function returns a Long value

Open a Control Panel dialog or wizard

Have you ever needed to open a Windows dialog such as Internet Properties, New Hardware, Modem Properties or any other dialog you can find in the Control Panel? Well, it’s

Determine the number of mouse buttons

Sometimes is useful to know how many buttons the user’s mouse has. This value can be obtained by calling GetSystemMetrics. The constant to pass as parameter is SM_ CMOUSEBUTTONS. Here’s