April 7, 2000


Question: When I use InetAdress.getAllByName(String host) on my workstation,I get two IP addresses. One is for the LAN connection and the other isfor the dialup connection. I need to get

Produce Shrinking Text

Use this code to get the shrinking text effect?similar to the opening of Star Wars: ‘ Requires a Label and Timer on the formPrivate Sub Form_Load() With Me .BackColor =

Replace a String Within a String, Recursively

I recently needed a substring replacement function for inserting code into a module, by reading the code from a file. Unfortunately, in my case, commas are interpreted as delimiters, and

Cache Properties for Repeated References

If you have to reference a control’s property repeatedly, it’s better to assign the property to a temporary variable, then use that variable. This technique is called property caching. For

Force Slider to Specific Intervals

Try using a slider control in your UI if you’re tired of combo boxes. Users find this control intuitive to understand and operate. For example, you might use the slider

Sort Non-String Items in a ListView

Sorting ListView columns with numeric data can be a real pain. Nonstring sorting is possible with callbacks using custom comparison functions, but this method’s drawback is that the synchronization between

Determine the Correct Screen Dimensions

The latest video drivers can change the display resolution without rebooting. Unfortunately, the Screen object doesn’t always properly return the new display size; it only remembers the display size when