July 14, 2000

Send in a Different Account in Outlook

Question: I’ve installed Exchange Server, and I’ve installed Outlook 2000 in the client, which is receiving email from POP3 accounts and three accounts from Exchange Server. How can I choose

Creating an Application Setup Wizard

Question: How do I create an Application Setup Wizard from Visual FoxPro? Answer: VFP ships with a Setup Wizard, which builds three different types of installations: Standalone, Network, and Web.

Wireless Transmission of Photos

Question: About how fast can the current wireless systems transmit a medium- to high-resolution digital photo? What’s currently the best way to do it? Will higher baud rates of wireless


Question: Suppose I wanted to setup the IIS 4.0 to process the WML with ASP codes. Which MIME type should I configure: text/vnd.wap.wml or text/x-wap.wml? What is the difference between

Help Files in Applications

Question: I created a “help” button in a form and coded this button’s click event as: { help } The code { set help to MyHelp.chm }is included in the

Current Time in Query

Question: Can I include something in the title line of a query to include the current date/time? Answer: You can use the GETDATE() function to return the current date and

Exchange Server Backups

Question: What is the best Backup Software available that will do a live backup of the Exchange Information Stores? Answer: I haven’t evaluated all of them, but we’ve been satisfied


Question: I’m working with ASP to retrieve records, but I keep getting an “Unexpected Error” near my recordset function. Why? Answer: Pinpointing exactly what’s wrong would be hard without actually