October 5, 2000

Proper Casing of a Word

Question: How do I pick out the first letter in a word and convert it to an uppercase? Answer: Use this code: strWord = UCase(Left(strWord,1)) & Mid(strWord,2) This will convert

Displaying Quotations from Text Files

Question: How do I return only the first four lines (a quotation) of a txt-file to my asp-file? Answer: Use the FileSystem Object to open the text file and then

Outlook Not Starting

Question: One machine on our NT 4 network (using Exchange 5.5 and Outlook 2000) cannot start Outlook. The error message is always along the lines of “Network Problems are preventing

Providing a Much Nicer 404 Error

Question: A user on my site clicks to retrieve a URL outside of my site, but the link is dead and the user receives a 404 error. Do you know

Seeing Exchange Admin Permissions

Question: We use a GG in the NT domain to assign permissions to Exchange Admin. I have added a backup person to this group, thinking that they would then have

Exchange Server and Windows 98

Question: Can Exchange Server run with Windows 98 or does it require NT? I want to use Outlook as a common pool of contact information within my office. However, when

Asset Failed: Slot 1 Not Free in Page

Question: My NT production system is down. Here’s a breakdown: Update terminations, with error Inf -603, commit failed on table rfblg; RDBIF_SQL error on BSEG Running onchecks report BLOB Problems;