E-mail Working at Home But Not at the Office

E-mail Working at Home But Not at the Office

I have a user who uses Outlook 2000 with Windows 98 both at home and at the office. In both instances, Outlook 2000 is configured to leave a copy of the mail on the server. However, at the office this is not working.

When I look in Exchange Administrator under mailbox resources, the number of items in the user’s mailbox decreases when he downloads his mail. I would assume that if the messages are being retained on the server, the number of items would stay constant until they are deleted. When he downloads his mail from home, he can download the same messages in the office, but not vice-versa. Have you seen this before and is there any fix?

My bet would be that at the office he has his default delivery location (Tools > Services > Delivery) set to be a Personal Folder File. Thus he’s downloading his messages into a local file while online to the server instead of connecting remotely.

Local access to an Exchange service doesn’t give you the option to leave messages on the server. It either downloads them to a Personal Folder File or leaves them in the mailbox—and to leave them in the mailbox, you must have the mailbox set as the default delivery location.

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