May 25, 2002

Don’t preserve viewstate when doing a Server.Transfer

The ASP.NET version of the Server.Transfer method accepts a second argument which, if true, causes the query string and all the form’s fields to be transferred and made available to the destination page. However, when the destination page executes, the following error is likely to be generated: The View State

Avoid duplicate entries for the same serviced component

A common mistake when creating a .NET component that runs under Component Services – that is, a class that inherits from ServicedComponents – is that you forget to assign a fixed version and/or GUID to the component being built. In this case, whenever the assembly is modified and recompiled, a

MDAC 2.6 is required for .NET applications

All ADO.NET applications require MDAC 2.6 or later (MDAC 2.7 is recommended). MDAC 2.7 comes with Visual Studio .NET but no MDAC version is included in the Microsoft .NET Framework SDK and the .NET Framework redistributable package. If your .NET application attempts to open a connection without a valid MDAC

Close the DataReader before changing database

The ChangeDatabase method of the ADO.NET Connection object requires an open connection to execute correctly. Even if the connection is open, you can still have an InvalidOperationException when invoking this method; this happens when you are reading data from the connection by means of a DataReader object, because the DataReader