February 3, 2011

Top 5 Online Cloud Storage Services

Managing storage for you computers over time can become cumbersome. With hard drives now at 2 TB and beyond, we are storing more and more data on our computers. Keeping this data safe in the event of a disaster, theft or computer crash is really important. Cloud storage services are

A Free Visual Programming Language for Big Data

Hadoop has put large scale data processing within the reach of more companies, but it still requires a fairly knowledgeable technical staff in order to make it work. However, EMC’s announcement that it is open sourcing some of the code for its Greenplum could change that. EMC offers visual programming

Git Hacking: A Social Layer for GitHub

A startup called “Git Hacking” won the Philly Startup Weekend competition with a plan to add social networking to GitHub. With 1.6 million repositories and over 560,000 users, GitHub is very popular, but the sheer number of projects can make it difficult for project owners to recruit developers. “For developers,

Google Unveils Graphics, Other Enhancements to Honeycomb

Google has released a preview of the SDK for Android 3.0, codenamed “Honeycomb.” The tablet-specific version of the OS has a completely different interface from the smartphone version of Android. Other key new features include better support for dual-core processors, better 2D and 3D graphics support, a “system bar” that

Google Searches for Mobile-App Experts

“People familiar with the matter” tell the Wall Street Journal that Google is planning to hire dozens of mobile app developers, product managers, user-interface experts and others with ideas for mobile apps. In addition, some current Googlers are moving over from other departments to help the company create more mobile

Top 7 Tools for Microsoft Azure

Although Microsoft includes plenty of good tools in its Microsoft Azure SDK, it leaves some holes. These additional tools for Azure, compiled by CodeGuru, fill some common application development needs when working with Microsoft’s cloud platform. [login] Cloud Storage Studio by Cerebrata SQL Azure Migration Wizard GreyBox Azure Database Upload

Programmers Must Be Literate, Professor Says

At the 2011 Turing Lecture at London’s Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), Stanford professor Donald Knuth called for “literate programming” as a way to improve software quality. “Programs should be written for human beings to read, not just computers. I consider myself a reporter or an essayist, and this