November 3, 2011

GitHub Debuts Enterprise Version

GitHub is launching a new version of its source code hosting services called “GitHub Enterprise.” The new product includes all the standard GitHub features, but it’s available as a virtual

Gartner Forecasts 70 Billion App Downloads by 2014

Research firm Gartner has released its list of the “Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2012,” and mobile app stores figure prominently. According to Gartner, users will download 70 billion mobile

iOS and Android Devs Fight to Retain Users

According to a new report from Flurry, engagement with mobile apps drops off precipitously after the first month of use. Among users who download a new app, only 38 percent

Is Traditional Enterprise Software on Its Way Out?

Traditionally, business software is purchased by executives and managers, not the people who will actually use it. That arrangement has led to many dissatisfied users who complain about poor interfaces.

Ubuntu to Expand to Mobile Devices

At this week’s Ubuntu Developer Conference, Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth will announce plans to put the open source operating system on smartphones and tablets. “Everyday computer users are starting to