April 17, 2012

Appcelerator Launches Titanium 2.0 with Cloud Services

Appcelerator has released version 2.0 of its Titanium mobile development platform. The update includes Appcelerator Cloud Services, a group of features that makes it easier for developers to add photo-sharing, social networking, chat and push notifications to their mobile apps. “We hope that developers will use ACS to build more

Best Practices for Enterprise Architecture and Application Architecture: Gartner

A new webinar from Gartner offers advice for enterprise architecture (EA) and application architecture. On the EA side, Gartner’s Betsy Burton offered ten best practices: Look at EA in the overall context of your business. Develop (and execute) a communications plan. Be pragmatic. Treat each iteration as a project. Start

Netflix to Open Source Cloud Development Tools

Netflix has announced plans to release a bunch of monkeys into the wild — but in this case, “monkeys” refers the cloud development and management tools the company uses to manage its online movie service. For example, it has a Chaos Monkey to help manage VMs, a Security Monkey that

2012: The Year of the Corporate App Store

As more business users turn to their smartphones and tablets to get their work done, a growing number of enterprises are turning to corporate app stores as a way to distribute necessary apps to those workers. Traditionally, corporate IT departments have relied on corporate disk images to get applications to