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Gartner Predicts Enterprises Will Adopt Windows 10 More Quickly Than Windows 7

Adoption rates will be helped by the fact that Windows 10 can run Windows 7 applications.


Market analysts at Gartner are predicting fast adoption of Windows 10. "In the consumer market, a free upgrade coupled with broad legacy device support and automatic over-the-air upgrades ensures that there will be tens of millions of users familiar with the operating system (OS) before the end of 2015," Steve Kleynhans, research vice president at Gartner, said. "For enterprises, we expect that implementation will be significantly more rapid than that seen with Windows 7 six years ago."

The firm said that half of all enterprises will have begun their Windows 10 transitions by 2017. In late August, a Microsoft executive said that 1.5 million enterprise devices were running the new OS.

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