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IBM Gets Involved with Cloud Foundry

The open source cloud development platform may become more closely aligned with Open Stack.


IBM has announced that it plans to be involved in the development of Cloud Foundry, an open source platform as a service project currently managed by VMware spinoff Pivotal.

According to the official statement, "Pivotal will establish a community advisory board of Cloud Foundry users and vendors—including IBM—to guide the community as outlined on the Cloud Foundry site. Pivotal will continue to steward the Cloud Foundry brand and preserve the trademark from direct commercial use in product names. IBM and Pivotal will co-host a community conference for Cloud Foundry Sept. 8-9 in Santa Clara, Calif."

IBM has already thrown its weight behind the open source OpenStack cloud computing technology, so the new partnership between IBM and Pivotoal could result in closer alignment between Cloud Foundry and OpenStack.

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