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IBM Joins R Consortium as a Platinum Member

The R programming language is very popular for big data projects.


IBM has announced that it is joining the R Consortium as a Platinum member, the highest level of membership available. Launched by the Linux Foundation, the R Consortium is a foundation that supports the open source R programming language and seeks to encourage its adoption in enterprises. R is popular among data scientists and is used for many big data analytics applications.

"IBM is deeply invested in open source software for computing applications like data science," said Dinesh Nirmal, vice president of development for next-generation analytics platform and big data solutions at IBM. "And as a long-time member of The Linux Foundation, it's a natural fit for us to extend our commitment to collaborative development by joining the R Consortium. The R Consortium is the leading open source community to advance the R language for data analysis and modeling." Nirmal will join the R Consortium board of directors.

Other companies in the R Consortium include Microsoft and RStudio.

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