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Oracle Debuts Big Data SQL

The technology will enable users to run SQL queries against Hadoop and NoSQL databases.


Recently, non-SQL data management solutions, such as Hadoop and NoSQL databases, have been getting lots of attention, but that doesn't mean enterprises should write off SQL just yet. Oracle has announced a new technology called "Big Data SQL" that will allow users to run SQL queries against non-SQL data storage system, as well as their traditional databases.

For now, Big Data SQL supports only Hive and Hadoop, but the company plans to add support for MongoDB, Hbase, Oracle NoSQL DB, and other NoSQL databases in the future. Initially, Big Data SQL is available as a Big Data Appliance option, and it will later become available to other Oracle database users.

The technology could eliminate headaches for database administrators and enterprise developers who need to extract data from multiple relational and NoSQL data sources.

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