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Survey Reveals Need to Consoldiate Applications

Enterprise IT managers say they have too many applications.


A new survey from Capgemini finds that enterprises are struggling to organize and manage bloated inventories of legacy applications. Nearly half (48 percent) of the IT managers surveyed said their organizations have more applications than they need, and 73 percent said at least one-fifth of their applications should be consolidated. Only 37 percent said the majority of the applications in use at their organizations are mission critical.

The survey report suggested that eliminating aging, non-mission-critical applications could help enterprises free up resources for more strategic projects. "In a world where all facets of an organization are starting to embrace digital transformation - and are dependent on the quick deployment of mobile, social, big data and cloud solutions for competitive advantage – a well-rationalized applications landscape suddenly becomes a much bigger, strategic imperative for the whole company," said Ron Tolido, senior vice president of application services at Capgemini.

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