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Survey Shows Little Agreement on Definition of DevOps

Enterprises are turning to DevOps because they feel pressure to deliver code more quickly.


Delphix Corp. has published a new report titled "2015 Annual State of DevOps," which finds that DevOps leaders and practitioners define DevOps in many different ways. "For some people, embracing DevOps is about managing IT resources with Chef, Puppet or CFEngine," the report said, "and for others it is about using tools like Jenkins to automate deployments to cloudbased infrastructure. For several of the organizations we surveyed, DevOps was simply about making sure that developers and operations professionals were communicating efficiently."

Nearly all of the enterprises surveyed either said they were already implementing DevOps practices or planned to do so within 24 months. The most common reasons for choosing DevOps included to deliver software faster (66 percent), to identify bugs earlier (44 percent) and to deliver software more frequently (43 percent).

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