See Three Different Perspectives on Agile Architecture

See Three Different Perspectives on Agile Architecture

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Agile Architecture drum I?ve been beating for the last few years is how multifaceted the topic is. Sometimes the focus is on Enterprise Architecture. Other times I?m talking about APIs and Services. And then there is the data angle, as well as the difficult challenge of semantic interoperability. And finally, there?s the Digital Transformation angle, driven by marketing departments who want to tie mobile and social to the Web but struggle with the deeper technology issues.

As it happens, I?ll be presenting on each of these topics over the next few weeks. First up, a Webinar on Agile Architecture Challenges & Best Practices I?m running jointly with EITA Global on Tuesday August 19 at 10:00 PDT/1:00 EDT. I?ll provide a good amount of depth on Agile Architecture ? both architecture for Agile development projects as well as architecture for achieving greater business agility. This Webinar lasts a full ninety minutes, and covers the central topics in Bloomberg Agile Architecture?. If you?re interested in my Bloomberg Agile Architecture Certification course, but don?t have the time or budget for a three-day course (or you simply don?t want to wait for the November launch), then this Webinar is for you.

Next up: my talk at the Dataversity Semantic Technology & Business Conference in San Jose CA, which is collocated with their NoSQL Now! Conference August 19 ? 21. My talk is on Dynamic Coupling: The Pot of Gold under the Semantic Rainbow, and I?ll be speaking at 3:00 on Thursday August 21st. I?ll be doing a deep dive into the challenges of semantic integration at the API level, and how Agile Architectural approaches can resolve such challenges. If you?re in the Bay Area the week of August 18th and you?d like to get together, please drop me a line.

If you?re interested in lighter, more business-focused fare, come see me at The Innovation Enterprise?s Digital Strategy Innovation Summit in San Francisco CA September 25 ? 26. I?ll be speaking the morning of Thursday September 25th on the topic Why Enterprise Digital Strategies Must Drive IT Modernization. Yes, I know ? even for this marketing-centric Digital crowd, I?m still talking about IT, but you?ll get to see me talk about it from the business perspective: no deep dives into dynamic APIs or Agile development practices, promise! I?ll also be moderating a panel on Factoring Disruptive Tech into Business with top executives from Disney, Sabre, Sephora, and more.

I?m particularly excited about the Digital Strategy Innovation Summit because it?s a new crowd for me. I?ve always tried to place technology into the business context, but so far most of my audience has been technical. Hope you can make it to at least one of these events, if only to see my Digital Transformation debut!

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