Apache at JavaOne 2011

Apache at JavaOne 2011

From the ‘Apache Knows Java‘ files:

Oracle and Apache have had a somewhat ‘interesting’ relationship in 2011.

On one hand, Oracle donated OpenOffice to the Apache Software Foundation. On the other hand, Apache resigned from the Executive Committee of the Java Community Process.

Though Apache left the JCP, that doesn’t mean that discussions about Apache related projects have left JavaOne this year. Apache projects are a critical part of the Java ecosystem and I personally don’t think you can have a meaningful Java conference without including them.

For JavaOne 2011, by my count there are at least 11 different sessions that in one way or another include some form of discussion or inclusion of an Apache project. These include:

  • Apache Cassandra for Java Developers (24780)
  • Apache Karaf Cellar (23927)
  • Apache TomEE Java EE 6 Web Profile (23680)
  • Brisk: Truly Peer-to-Peer Hadoop (23926)
  • Build Your Own Version of IBM’s Watson DeepQA Engine with UIMA and JWordNet (21801)
  •  Fewer Hoops with Hadoop: Spring Hadoop (22501)
  • Hazelcast and Cassandra Combined: A Powerful Alternative to Peer-to-Peer JMS (19560) 
  • Mavenize Your NetBeans Rich Client Platform Application (24541
  • Productively Fun Web Development with Apache Wicket and Java EE 6 (23000)
  • Rapid RESTful Web Applications with Apache Sling and Jackrabbit (24808)
  • Using Apache Camel and Java EE in an OSGi World (26521)

That’s not a bad list, though it is lacking some specific Apache Tomcat 7 type sessions. But it is great to see Hadoop, Camel, Sling, Wicket and Karaf on the list.

Sure it would be great to see even more Apache sessions at JavaOne, but hey that’s what ApacheCon is for right? That said, though Oracle and The Apache Software Foundation may be at odds over Java, the Java development community at JavaOne is still going to get some Apache content goodness.

JavaOne 2011 runs October 2 through 6 in San Francisco.

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