Why TDD Is Key

Test Driven Development (TDD) is arguably the most impactful Agile practice. Nobody even talks about it anymore, but automated tests were revolutionary when they came on the scene. Fifteen years

Practical Agility Across Teams

Agile practices work best with small cohesive and co-located teams. How do you scale it for a larger organizational with multiple teams, possibly in different locations and even time zones?

Can Agile and Open Source Get Along?

Open source development has never been more prevalent and successful than it is today. The biggest players regularly publish the latest and greatest technology with permissive licenses. Some companies even

The Pros and Cons of Pair Programming

Pair programming is one of the most controversial agile practices and is also the least commonly used in the field, as far as I can tell. I think there are

Agile and the Decision-Making Process

Decision-making is at the heart of any organized activity and, as such, there are significant associated risks and costs. The higher up you are on the totem pole the more

The Single Most Important Agile Practice

The Agile style of development is considered best for many organizations and projects. There is a lot of criticism too, but overall it gained significant mind share and developers use

Forever the Ebusiness Wizard

Perhaps you have noticed that my Twitter handle is @theebizwizard. You may have even noticed that my Skype handle is as well. It occurred to me that I’ve never told

What Is a Digital Professional?

I?ve started using the phrase digital professional, in particular in my recent article dinging Amazon?s cloud division Amazon Web Services (AWS) for not having a clear digital strategy. However, I

In Praise of Data Plurality

OK all you techies, time to go back to English class. The word ?data? is the plural of ?datum.? If you use either word improperly, I?ll hit your knuckles with