The Cybersecurity News You Didn’t See This Week

Headline: National Security Agency Caught Unawares by Cyberattack WASHINGTON DC, June 7, 2013: A massive Cyberattack hit US interests today from an unidentified foreign attacker, causing extensive damage to military

Metadata Hit the Big Time

This morning’s breaking news on CNN: Under a legal PATRIOT Act court order, Verizon has been providing American citizens’ phone call information to the National Security Agency. The information in

Lies, Damn Lies, and Big Data Analytics

The goal of Big Data analytics is to mine those valuable nuggets of truth from an immense heap of noise. If only we pile the miscellaneous data high enough and

Newly Uncovered Cloud Backup Risk: Forgetfulness

One of Amazon’s newer offerings is Amazon Glacier, a low-cost, highly durable storage service for archiving and backup. By trading off speed of access for durability, they’re able to charge