Amazon’s Legacy Problem

A recent blog post by fellow Cloud curmudgeon Ben Kepes shined the light on a few of the unsightly ingredients in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud sausage. Apparently, many

Public vs. Private Cloud: No Comparison

It never ceases to amaze me how many people consider Public and Private Clouds to be somehow comparable. We want a Cloud, they say, but we’re afraid of Public, so

Amazon Releases Its Own Chaos Gorilla

Millions of Netizens were forced to go outside and get some fresh air for an hour Sunday when Amazon Web Services (AWS) experienced a brief outage, taking down sites such

Privacy or Security: Choose One?

It was only a handful of months ago that I joined in the chorus for better Cybersecurity. After all, we’re in the midst of a Cyberwar, with attacks coming from

Bitcoin’s True Purpose

You’ve probably heard of Bitcoin – the anonymous electronic currency-alternative that’s paving the way toward a new way of looking at money. While Bitcoin is gradually meandering toward broader acceptance,

Should You Implement a Two-Man Rule?

In a previous blog post I sounded the alarm about the insider threat. Someone in your IT organization must have the root passwords, the argument goes, so what’s to keep