OpenStack: Keeping Many Chefs in Line

I had an informative call with Jonathan Bryce, the Executive Director of the OpenStack Foundation today. He went over the features of OpenStack’s new Havana release. Good stuff – but

Are We Ready for Fog Computing?

Just when you thought you finally had Cloud Computing figured out, the next great meteorological buzzword rears its ugly head: Fog Computing. Basically an extension of the data center-focused Cloud

Verizon Cloud’s Red Flags

Last week’s announcement that large US telco Verizon was rolling out their brand spanking new Verizon Cloud created a modest buzz in the Cloud community. Instead of building on the

Nirvanix Shutdown: You Ain?t Seen Nothin? Yet

The Cloud storage marketplace got quite a stare last week when storage provider Nirvanix abruptly closed its doors. Fortunately, they provided their customers with a few days to get their

Does Your Cloud Depend on Dwarves in a Box?

Remember the fascinating story of the Mechanical Turk? This chess-playing automaton was a sensation in the courts of eighteenth century Europe. Who ever heard of a machine that could play

Give NSA People a Break

You have to admit, the United States National Security Agency (NSA) has had a really hard time lately. Edward Snowden’s revelations of the heretofore top secret PRISM program keep on

Avoid Tunnel Vision

In my role at ZapThink I get to speak with people at all levels of many organizations, from the most technical of developers to the most senior executives in the

Time to Scrap Your PKI?

The Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) has been the backbone of IT security for several years. It lies at the heart of SSL, Cloud encryption, digital signatures, and the vast majority