Agile Database Schema Management

Agile methods can accelerate development significantly compared with traditional methods. This is true in particular for programming where fast edit-test-deploy cycles are possible even on a massive scale (look at

Achieving Flow

Flow is a mental state where you’re in “The Zone.” Time flies by, everything just works and you’re totally focused on the task at hand and apply yourself fully. You can

The Daily Standup Meeting

Many Agile methodologies promote a daily standup meeting. The idea is that people are uncomfortable standing for a long period of time, so it will help keep the meeting short.

Agile Methods for Marketing

Agile development practices have become mainstream as large and small organizations recognize Agile development’s superiority over other approaches for most projects. Organizations that follow the Agile method for development can

Scaling Agile Methods

Agile methodologies have been used successfully in many big companies, but it is often a challenge. There are many reasons: lack of project sponsorship, prolonged user validation, existing policies, legacy

Explore How Agile Documentation Can Have Two Meanings

Two Meanings? The form of internal documentation appropriate for an organization following agile practices. Generating external documentation as an artifact/user story. The first meaning is typically a combination of code