Renewable Storage Innovation

Innovative Energy Storage Solutions

The Department of Energy recently revealed a significant investment of $325 million in advanced battery technologies to store excess renewable energy produced by solar and wind sources. This funding will

Revolutionary SABERS Transforming

SABERS Batteries Transforming Industries

Scientists John Connell and Yi Lin from NASA’s Solid-state Architecture Batteries for Enhanced Rechargeability and Safety (SABERS) project are working on experimental solid-state battery packs that could dramatically change the

Battery Investments

Battery Startups Attract Billion-Dollar Investments

In recent times, battery startups have experienced a significant boost in investments, with three businesses obtaining over $1 billion in funding within the last month. French company Verkor amassed $2.1

Bebop Charging Stations

Check Out The New Bebob Battery Charging Stations

Bebob has introduced new 4- and 8-channel battery charging stations primarily aimed at rental companies, providing a convenient solution for clients with a large quantity of batteries. These wall-mountable and

US Commitment

US Approves Sustainable Battery Research

The US Department of Energy has revealed a $325 million commitment in the research of innovative battery types, designed to enable solar and wind power as continuous, 24-hour energy sources.

Battery Revolution

Battery Storage Empowers Net-Zero

Battery storage is becoming an essential component in assisting nations in achieving their net-zero goals by decreasing reliance on carbon-emitting fossil fuels. As solar and wind power are dependent on

Deceptive Battery Scheme

Cocaine Smuggler Caught: Battery Scheme Exposed

Jesus Hinojosa-Mines, a US citizen residing in Mexico, was apprehended and refused entry into the United States after officials discovered 6.9 pounds of cocaine concealed in a car battery. Upon

Lithium Fire Sparks

Arizona Lithium Fire Sparks Safety Fears

Tempe, AZ witnessed a fierce fire break out at a facility specializing in lithium-ion batteries for electric trucks on Monday. The incident has led to increased concerns regarding the safety

Electric Metals Prices

Battery Input Prices: You’re Gonna Be Surprised

In a detailed report published on August 30, 2023, at 11:06 a.m. ET, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence (BMI) disclosed the latest pricing information for battery metals crucial to the electric vehicle