Fire-Resistant Batteries

Developing Fire-Resistant Batteries for E-Bikes

A groundbreaking collaboration between three innovative companies aims to develop fire-resistant electric bike batteries made in the United States. This joint effort addresses the growing concerns about e-bike battery fires

Battery Breakthrough

AI-Assisted Breakthrough in Battery Technology

A collaborative team of researchers from Microsoft and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) has achieved a breakthrough in battery technology, employing artificial intelligence (AI) and supercomputing to identify a

Lithium Innovation

AI-driven Battery Innovation Reduces Lithium Use

Scientists have partnered with Microsoft to employ artificial intelligence (AI) to develop a novel material for constructing batteries that require up to 70% less lithium compared to existing models. The

Teradek Battery Plate

Teradek Pro Battery Plate 26V Unveiled

A new 26V Gold-Mount battery adapter, the Pro Battery Plate 26V, is now available from Teradek. This will allow users to charge their Bolt 4K, Bolt 6, or Serv 4K

Sodium-ion Facility

BYD Builds Sodium-ion Battery Facility for EVs

Recently, Chinese carmaker BYD began building a large-scale 30 GWh sodium-ion battery facility in China, representing an investment of 10 billion yuan ($1.4 billion). This ground-breaking facility aims to revolutionize

Solid-State Efficiency

Solid-State EV Batteries Boost Efficiency, Safety

US-based startup Ion Storage Systems is gearing up to introduce its innovative solid-state electric vehicle (EV) battery, which incorporates a brain-like structure using advanced ceramic powder provided by Saint-Gobain. The