Lejeune Chinese Disconnect

Camp Lejeune Disconnects Chinese Battery System

A battery energy storage system (BESS) produced by CATL, a company based in China, was recently disconnected from a solar-powered microgrid at Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base (MCB). The disconnection

Namibia Battery Project

Namibia Advances Energy Infrastructure with Battery Project

Revamping Namibia’s power system By executing engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contracts for its inaugural large-scale battery storage project, Namibia has achieved significant strides in updating its energy infrastructure. The

Blue Aquabattery

Aquabattery’s Blue Battery Stores Green Energy

Introducing Aquabattery’s Blue Battery Dutch startup Aquabattery has developed an innovative flow battery capable of storing solar and wind energy for several weeks by utilizing table salt and water. The

China-US EV

US-China Tensions Extend to EV Battery Industry

The technology rivalry between the United States and China has expanded from semiconductors to another essential tech industry: electric vehicle (EV) batteries. Recently, the US Departments of Treasury and Energy

Mode Extends

Power-saving Mode Extends Android Battery Life

In today’s world, smartphones have become an essential aspect of our everyday lives. Consequently, a depleting battery can lead to significant annoyance. Android users, however, have a built-in functionality called

Battery Price Drop

Revolution Ignites as Battery Prices Plunge

Declining Battery Prices Fuel EV Revolution The prices of electric car batteries have started to decline more rapidly than anticipated, as reported by recent data from Goldman Sachs. This decrease

Battery Production

Empowering US Battery Production for EV Revolution

Addressing the Need for Domestic Battery Production The US government intends to allocate $3.5 billion toward the growth of local battery processing facilities as part of the Infrastructure Law. This

Kitepower Hawk Generator

Soaring Kitepower Hawk Revolutionizes Energy

A groundbreaking innovation, the Kitepower Hawk, features a 330kW battery generator that employs a massive kite to charge itself, introducing an environmentally-friendly approach to harness wind power. This system holds