Battery Fire Surge

Rapid Battery Fire Surge Alarms NYC

Brooklyn apartment fire: lithium-ion battery to blame A fire in a Brooklyn apartment on Tuesday night has been attributed to a lithium-ion battery, marking the third such incident within 48

ABF Factory

This Gigafactory Energizes the Clean Energy Sector

American Battery Factory (ABF) has embarked on an ambitious project, constructing a two-million-square-foot gigafactory in Tucson, Arizona. This groundbreaking initiative will put the United States at the forefront of lithium

Proterra Acquisition

Electrifying Volvo’s Future with Proterra Acquisition

Volvo Group Acquires Proterra’s Battery and Charging Capabilities Swedish truck manufacturer Volvo Group has recently entered into an agreement to acquire the battery production and charging capabilities of Proterra Inc.,

Freyr Stock Plunge

FREYR Battery Stock Plunge Sparks Worry

FREYR Battery’s Stock Plummets Amid Market Concerns In today’s trading, the stock of lithium battery manufacturer FREYR Battery experienced a 38.4% drop, influenced by the decelerating electric vehicle (EV) sector

Rapid Charging Revolution

Upgrading Battery Life with Rapid Charging

StoreDot’s battery prototype Israeli tech firm StoreDot has revealed that its battery prototype exhibited no signs of wear after numerous rapid charging sessions compared to slow charging situations. The business

Graphite Problem

Electric Vehicle Battery Makers Face Graphite Dilemma

Impact on electric vehicle battery manufacturers Beijing’s latest move to curtail graphite exports may disproportionately impact overseas electric vehicle (EV) battery component manufacturers who have been slower to adopt synthetic

Solid-State Revolution

Toyota: Changing the Game With Solid-State Batteries

First Reported on: Toyota has revealed a significant advancement in solid-state battery technology and aims to initiate production by 2028. These cutting-edge batteries are expected to be lighter and

Revolutionized EV

Revolutionizing Pre-Owned EV Market Confidence

First Reported on: Validating ev battery health A growing competition is underway to validate the health and performance of batteries in pre-owned electric vehicles (EVs) as startups aim to

NIO EV Battery

NIO EVs: Solid-State Battery Expansion

NIO’s Expansion of Solid-State Batteries in Electric Vehicles China’s leading electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer NIO steps up its game by filing documentation to the Chinese government, seeking approval to incorporate