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Add Mouse Wheel support to the VB6 IDE

Vanja Fuckar has developed a library that adds support for the mouse wheel in the VB6 IDE, i.e. in the code window, Immediate window etc. The library is written in assembly, whereas the program that enables/disables the mouse wheel support is in VB6. Everything is provided with full source code.

Spell Checker Add-In for VS.NET 2003

This Visual Studio 2003 add-in provides a multi-language spell checker for your comments and string literals. It uses a procedure similar to MS-Word but provides additional features useful for programmers. Without setting any options it knows how to spell check C#, VB.NET, C/C++, C++.NET, J#, HTML,XML, Java, and other text-based

The MB InputBoxEx Control

This ActiveX control is an extended version of the VB’s InputBox function. You can center the input box on your form or open it anywhere you want. It is based on the MB MsgBoxEx control, that you can find in the File Bank as well, and for which the source

Application Framework with the ECC pattern

This COM-based framework provides the basis for easily building a fully functional application, by using the Engine-Collection-Class Design Pattern. It can be deployed across a Microsoft Windows 2000 network using COM+ technology. The Data Access Layer uses Object Factory for creating connections for different types of data sources. It currently

LED ActiveX control

This LED (Light Emitting Diode) control displays positive long integers, and it is particularly useful for counters. It has a few simple properties that allow you to set the control’s backcolor, forecolor, number of digits, and of course the number to display. The ZIP file includes a setup program and

The WordHelper class

WordHelper is a C# class that helps working with MS Word 2000 documents and simplifies the programmatic construction of a Word document. It has methods to launch a Word instance, add documents, insert tables, images, OLE documents, paragraphs, section breaks, move through multiple documents, replace text, and of course save

FormToIni ActiveX control

This freeware ActiveX control makes it extremely easy to save and load controls’ property values to and from the registry or INI files. Creating a “binding” between a property and a INI/registry’s key is done from the control’s custom Properties dialog, and it doesn’t require any code. Once the bindings

FreeThreader component for VB6

VB6 does not natively support free threading, but with this ActiveX library you can finally create multiple threads and make them communicate, write delegate functions (similarly to VB.NET) and use Structured Exception Handling. The full source code (in VB6 and Assembler) and some sample projects are provided.

VB 2 HTML ActiveX converter

This component is intended to take valid Visual Basic source code an convert it to properly colorized HTML with procedure seperators. The input can either be a file of any type, or a string of VB code. The output will be a completely self contained HTML string that you can