Quick Way to Count the Number of Angular Watches

Add a new bookmark in your browser with the URL set to the script below. Now, on any Angular page, if you click on the bookmark link, it will execute the following script and show you the number of watches on the page. javascript: (function () { var totalWatches, scopeElements,

Remove Service Pack Installation Files and Free Up Disk Space

We usually turn on the Windows update to automatically update the operating system. While this is a very useful technique, it also hogs up the hard disk space by keeping a backup of the service packs. To clear up the hard disk space taken by the Windows Service Pack backups,

Learn How to Record Your Screen

Download the Windows Media Encoder 9 Series x64 Edition Follow these simple steps: Click on New Session – Wizard – Capture Audio or Video File – Click Ok.Click on Properties – Select “Screen capture” under Video. Click Apply. Record. That’s it.

Decrypt HTTPS Traffic in Fiddler

Modern web applications are predominately on HTTPS and you may want to decrypt that traffic for inspection. One of the best tools that developers use is Fiddler. Fiddler, by default, does not allow you to decrypt HTTPS traffic as well. However, you can override the setting in Tools –> Fiddler

Add a Different Country’s Holidays to Outlook Calendar

Adding a different country’s holidays to your Outlook calendar is easy and can be done in few clicks. Go to Outlook –> Options –> Calendar –> Calendar Options. Click on the “Add holidays” button. You will be presented with a list of locations. Then choose the country you prefer. That’s

Quick Way to Print Only Certain Rows of an Excel Spreadsheet

There are a lot of layout settings that help you define the page layout for printing — background, margins, etc. The Print area option allows you to select a certain area to be printed. Simply select only the rows that you want to be printed, click on Page layout -> print area

Add Frequently Used Items to Quick Access Toolbar

Microsoft applications, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc., allow you to add frequently used toolbar items that are buried in various menu groups to a section called the Quick Access Toolbar. for quick use. This section appears on top left corner of the application. All you have to do is

Quick Way to Reduce Outlook File (pst) Size

Outlook has introduced a feature to clean-up conversations in a folder including or excluding its sub folders. This removes the repeated replies on an email thread, and keeps the latest mail intact. You can find the clean up under File- cleanup. For further customization on the cleanup rules, go to

Debounce in AngularJS

In jQuery, we use a delay in the $.debounce function to limit repetitive calls in components such as the instant search. We can do that in AngularJS as well, using the model options. The debounce value is in milliseconds.

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