Quick Way to Count the Number of Angular Watches

Add a new bookmark in your browser with the URL set to the script below. Now, on any Angular page, if you click on the bookmark link, it will execute the following script and show you the number of watches on the page.

javascript: (function () {    var totalWatches, scopeElements, scope, i, totalElements; totalWatches = 0;    scopeElements = document.querySelectorAll('.ng-scope');    for (i = 0, totalElements = scopeElements.length; i      {        scope = angular.element(scopeElements[i]).scope();        if (scope != null && scope.$$watchers != null)        {            totalWatches += scope.$$watchers.length;        }    }    alert('Total number of watches on this page is : ' + totalWatches);})(); 
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