Smartphone Filmmaking

Smartphone Filmmaking Triumphs at BAFTA Awards

Your pocket’s smartphone carries the potential to transform into an outstanding movie-making instrument. Victoria Mapplebeck, a professor of Media Arts at the Royal Holloway University of London, can attest to

Solar Mars

Solar Mars Bot: Clean Energy on Wheels

The Solar Mars Bot Energy firm Jackery has designed a self-sufficient robot known as the Solar Mars Bot, intended to produce clean energy by capturing sunlight. The robot is equipped

Mainboard Repurposing

Framework Introduces Mainboard Repurposing Initiative

Framework has attracted considerable attention for its modular and easy-to-repair laptops, which are designed to fight electronic waste by allowing users to replace individual components rather than throwing away entire

Startup Investments

Israeli Startup Investments Hit Decade Low

In a new report, PwC disclosed that investments in Israeli startups have hit a decade-long low in 2023, indicating a significant drop in the country’s technology sector. A total of

Drone Tech Disruption

Groundbreaking Drone Tech Disrupts Enemy Communications

Chinese researchers have revealed a groundbreaking advancement in drone technology: a microwave device that can convert regular drones into powerful electronic weapons. This innovative technology is based on World War

Mode Extends

Power-saving Mode Extends Android Battery Life

In today’s world, smartphones have become an essential aspect of our everyday lives. Consequently, a depleting battery can lead to significant annoyance. Android users, however, have a built-in functionality called

Sustainable Transport

Sustainable Urban Transport: Innovative Solutions

The accelerated growth of urban populations in recent years has created an urgent demand for effective urban transport solutions. To address problems such as congestion, pollution, and accessibility, and to

IKEA Smart Sensors

IKEA Launches Smart Sensors for Home Monitoring

IKEA has launched a new series of intelligent sensors, called VALLHORN, PARASOLL, and BADRING, aimed at giving homeowners the power to monitor and control their homes remotely. These affordable and