The Foundation VB Library

The Foundation library is intended to provide VB developers with convenience and simplicity of working with data available for their C++ colleagues from standard STL library. The author tried to keep as close to STL spirit as possible unless VB OOP limitations forced him to invent something specific to VB language. The library logically consists of four parts: (1) Containers – classes for storing data, i.e. a vector or a linked list; (2) Iterators – classes to “walk” through containers’ content. Not every container offers all kinds of iterators due to its nature (i.e. linked list does not have a random access iterator); (3) Algorithms – classes performing various operations on containers, i.e. binary search or a quick sort; (4) Functionals – classes implementing primitive operations on container items. Functionals may be applied to each container element in a single call, thus, for example, replacing all container values with their square roots.
The library is extensible, so you may develop your own containers, algorithms and functionals. Documentation is also provided.

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