HiBob’s Data Security Success: How Cloud Automation Secures a Scaling HR Platform

HiBob’s Data Security Success: How Cloud Automation Secures a Scaling HR Platform

HiBob's Data Security Success

The more data you collect, the more of a target you will have on your back – it’s as simple as that. And once the stakes get high enough, old-school security tools just won’t cut it for data security breaches. That’s the situation that HiBob, a rapidly expanding and widely popular HR platform currently used by thousands of companies worldwide, found itself in.

Tons of sensitive employee information flows through their systems – think bank details, social security… you name it. Given the high value of this customer information, HiBob knew they needed a security solution that could keep up with their growth AND stay ahead of the latest threats.

For startups and scaleups with an eye on global domination and market disruption, data security isn’t exactly the most exciting topic of discussion. But, if you want to ensure you maintain a growth trajectory while keeping customers on board, it’s something you simply cannot afford to ignore.

Fending Off a HiBob Cybersecurity Breach With Cloud Tech

A HiBob cybersecurity breach is simply not an option for a business model that is built around trust and shared responsibility. More than 3,5000 companies have confidence in HiBob to safely manage and safeguard countless employee records. One misstep could prove disastrous for both HiBob, and its clients.

With this in mind, HiBob knew early on that legacy systems were not the correct play. Let’s face it: they are slow and clunky, and they leave companies exposed at many turns. While they have their benefits, they simply aren’t cut out for handling such vast quantities of data from disparate sources (at scale).

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To tackle these concerns, HiBob partnered with Dig Security and leveraged the security capabilities of Amazon Web Services. So, what did this cloud-powered overhaul entail?

  • X-Ray Vision for Data – Dig’s platform acts like a powerful scanner that plugs into HiBob’s cloud environment. This data visibility uncovers all of the nooks and crannies where sensitive data is located. Removing these blind spots allows HiBob to be more proactive with the way it stores, manages, and protects its data.
  • Custom-Fit Security – With data mapped out, HiBob can then tailor its security strategy with more accuracy. Rather than a one size fits all approach, the platform can be fortified where it matters most. The data that needs more encryption and safety measures receives it, while others are given stricter access controls.
  • Always-On Surveillance – By integrating with AWS, HiBob is able to continuously monitor around the clock for any suspicious activity. With 24/7 security guards patrolling the digital hallways, intruders stand very little chance of doing any lasting damage, even if they do manage to find a vulnerability.

So, What Benefits Did the Cloud Bring to HiBob?

Well, HiBob has never suffered from a data breach and continues its quest to capture more market share from the HR software market. That alone is proof in the pudding that their cloud infrastructure is up to scratch.

Thanks to its range of cloud-based tools that proactively scan, identify, and block threats in real-time, HiBob has managed to create a multi-layered defense that hackers struggle to penetrate. While the loot contained within the fortified walls is undoubtedly alluring to cybercriminals, ultimately, the juice is not worth the squeeze, given how locked down the network and platform are.

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Another major benefit to cloud infrastructure is that no matter how fast HiBob grows, its cloud security will grow with it. When the time comes to add new customers or launch new features, their protection will expand with them effortlessly. From a business standpoint, this eliminates bottlenecks and delays with traditional security setups and allows HiBob to scale effectively – a significant competitive advantage.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, all of the companies, clients, and employees whose data is located on HiBob’s servers and platform know that it is in good hands. By demonstrating its commitment to cutting-edge security, HiBob is able to build confidence and loyalty with its customer base and target market. This is a major win for the platform’s reputation, especially as businesses become more conscious of data protection, given the regulatory environment and increased customer awareness over such matters.

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