Book Excerpt: Oracle9i XML Handbook

Book Excerpt: Oracle9i XML Handbook

his insider’s resource, written by the Oracle XML Development Team, explains how to take full advantage of the Oracle XML Developer’s Kit (XDKs) and maximize Oracle9i’s XML-enabled features.

Create and deploy cross-platform, transaction-based applications on Oracle9i with XML?the industry standard for describing data for e-business application integration and business-to-business exchanges. Learn from real-world case studies illustrating how Oracle customers make the most of the built-in XML-enabled features.

  • Take advantage of the Oracle9i XML infrastructure and XML Developer Kit (XDK)
  • Use the parsers,processors,generators,viewers,and utilities included in the XDK
  • Develop robust Oracle9i applications with Java XML components
  • Maximize the new built-in XML SQL and PL/SQL functions and XML-based messaging capabilities
  • Understand the differences between Oracle Application Server (OAS) and Oracle9i Application Server (Oracle9iAS)
  • Develop and deploy transaction-oriented applications for OAS and Oracle9iAS
  • Enable enterprisewide access to XML documents by storing them in the Internet File System (iFS)
  • Manage diverse types of data?text,images,audio,and video?as data types by using OracleText
  • Develop Web-enabled e-business applications with the Oracle e-Business XML Services component

Chapter 8, “Oracle and XML in Action,” delves into the uses for the XML SQL Utility and the Oracle XSQL Servlet.

Download the PDF of Chapter 8: “Oracle and XML in Action”

Reproduced from Oracle9i XML Handbook by permission of Osborne/McGraw-Hill. ISBN 007213495, copyright 2002. All rights reserved.


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