Microsoft Releases Two Virtualization Applications for Business

Microsoft Releases Two Virtualization Applications for Business

Microsoft has stepped up its virtualization efforts with two new products. Released Monday, Microsoft’s App-V 4.6 updates the company’s application virtualization software with 64-bit support. Released the same day, the MED-V 1.0 release candidate allows applications that require older software (like IE 6 or older versions of Windows) to run in a virtual environment.

“New technologies like App-V and MED-V (both included in Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack [MDOP] 2010) combined with System Center Configuration Manager provide new ways to package, deliver and manage locally installed and virtual applications in ways previously inconceivable,” said Microsoft’s Gavriella Schuster. “These along with other technologies and best practices form Application Optimization, a term we use to describe a holistic approach to managing your application portfolio, [enabling] testing and mitigating compatibility issues, packaging applications easily for faster delivery to the user, and managing applications pivoted on the user and not the device.”

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