Bad Attitudes of Agile Development

Bad Attitudes of Agile Development

Bad Attitudes of Agile DevelopmentAre you guilty of one of these opinions?

Agile development methodologies have a lot of benefits to offer: simplicity, speed, engagement with end users. However, agile developers are sometimes guilty of some bad attitudes. In particular, they may fail to recognize the contributions of managers and staffers from other departments. In this post, Christopher Goldsbury examines what’s wrong with some common bad developer attitudes, including the following:

  • “Why are you here? Agile doesn’t need managers.”
  • “The team runs the project, not the managers….We’ll decide what gets done.”
  • “There are no due dates or schedules in Agile.”
  • “Agile code is self documenting. There’s no need for requirements, architecture diagrams or technical specifications.”
  • “Agile rapidly embraces change; all change.”
  • “Agile uses generalists; we test our own software. There’s no need for a QA group.”

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