10 Things CIOs Should Know About Mobile Application Development

The consumerization of IT and the growth of bring-your-own-device policies is changing the way employees work. Today’s employees are much more likely to be mobile, and they need access to mobile applications that will let them do their jobs efficiently. Here are ten things experts say CIOs should know about mobile application development:

  1. It?s fairly easy to create your own mobile applications for employees to use.
  2. The biggest problem with the Android market is security.
  3. The major app stores have more business apps than you think.
  4. By next year, thousands more business apps will be available.
  5. The trend toward mobility won’t end anytime soon.
  6. Your employees are probably already familiar with mobile apps.
  7. You need policies, procedures and tools to manage mobile apps.
  8. RIM is no longer the leader in enterprise mobile.
  9. Windows Phone 7 apps are growing.
  10. Mobile apps are a “necessary evil.”

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