Only 26% of App Developers Are Full-Time Pros

Only 26% of App Developers Are Full-Time Pros

A new survey from Evans Data Corp finds that full-time mobile development professionals are actually a fairly small fraction of the group working on mobile apps — just 26 percent. In fact, a mobile app is most likely to be developed by someone who has a regular software development job during the day and works on apps in his or her spare time; these moonlighters accounted for 41 percent of mobile developers surveyed. Another 22 percent were hobbyists, and 11 percent were students.

“With hundreds of thousands of apps available through app stores, it begs the question just who is writing them,” said Evans Data CEO Janel Garvin. “Once the groups are defined, we layer technology adoption data on top to show some interesting differences in the profiled groups in areas such as HTML5 adoption, native vs. web, and specific app store targeting.”

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