Beyond the Smartphone

Yesterday, you developed software for computers. Today, you build apps for smartphones. What will you work on tomorrow? It could be one of these five emerging development platforms:

  1. Your car – Cars and trucks are already getting sophisticated entertainment, diagnostics, GPS and similar systems. Future vehicles could have a host of new apps built into the dashboard.
  2. Your television – Google and Apple are spearheading the way to turn the humble TV into a means of delivering more interactive content.
  3. Your clothing – Some apparel already hides wires or provides easy access to electronic controls. The clothing of the future could change color or patterns to match your mood or deliver advertisements.
  4. The electric grid – Think behind plugging appliances into the socket–the electric grid could offer flexible pricing, self-healing circuits, and apps that enable smarter energy use.
  5. Retail – Apps could display targeted advertising (as in the movie Minority Report), help consumers find goods or enable purchases.

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