Big Data Devs Make Big Bucks

Big Data Devs Make Big Bucks

Online job board has released its annual salary report, including its list of the highest paying IT skills. Interestingly, seven of the top ten highest-paying skills are related to big data. Cloud development also fared well as platform as a service skills took the top spot. Here’s the complete list (with big data skills in italics):

  1. Platform as a Service (PaaS): $130,081
  2. Cassandra: $128,646
  3. MapReduce: $127,315
  4. Cloudera: $126,816
  5. HBase: $126,369
  6. Pig: $124,563
  7. Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP): $124,262
  8. Chef: $123,458
  9. Flume: $123,186
  10. Hadoop: $121,313

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