Developers, IT Executives See Salary Increases

Developers, IT Executives See Salary Increases

IT resourcing firm Mondo has released a new report detailing salary ranges associated with various job titles. Many IT job titles have seen pay increases over the past year, with CIOs and CTOs seeing a 9 percent increase. Some of the top earning job titles included the following:

  • CIO/CTO: $170,000 to $250,000
  • Chief Security Officer: $146,000 to $214,000
  • Chief Data Officer: $143,000 to $200,000
  • VP of IT: $137,000 to $178,000
  • VP of Engineering: $136,000 to $177,000
  • Program Management Office Director: $123,000 to $177,000
  • Scala Developer: $115,000 to $177,000
  • Cloud Computing Engineer: $108,000 to $142,000
  • Systems Engineer: $83,000 to $134,000
  • Help Desk Manager: $79,000 to $129,000

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