Forrester Predicts 52 Million VR Headset Sales by 2020

A new report from Forrester Research says that the virtual reality (VR) market is about to take off and that manufacturers will likely sell 52 million VR headsets in 2020. It believes that enterprises will buy many mid-priced VR headsets, accounting for 17 million sales by 2020. However, it believes that the market will start out slowly this year with enterprises buying 0.5 million mid-priced headsets and 0.3 million high-priced headsets in 2016.

The report notes that VR technology “is 95 percent there.” It adds, “VR isn’t just novel; it’s an all-purpose experience intensifier: Anything you do in VR engages your brain more intensely. If VR’s done right, it can make any experience novel, compelling, and memorable.”

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