HP Launches Haven OnDemand Big Data Analytics

HP Launches Haven OnDemand Big Data Analytics

At a conference in Barcelona, HP announced immediate availability of a new cloud-based big data analytics solution called Haven OnDemand. It runs on HP’s Helion cloud computing infrastructure, and it enables batch processing of structured machine and business data, as well as unstructured data.

Haven On-Demand includes Hadoop’s Distributed File System, Autonomy’s IDOL, Vertica’s Analytics, ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager, ArcSight Logger and some other pieces. “Part of what we’ve done is create a list of robust, RESTful APIs for developers who want to call in analytics capabilities, and this makes it really easy for them to do,” said Colin Mahony, Senior Vice-President and General Manager of Big Data at HP Software. “Every company, to a certain extent, is becoming an analytics ? and even a big data company. But the ability to consume the types of analytics they need has to team up with their applications. This requires new and more efficient tools.”

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