More Employers Offering Bonuses to Developers

More Employers Offering Bonuses to Developers

According to, more employers are offering developers bonuses and other special perks in order to attract and retain talent. Around 90 percent of the organizations surveyed by Dice offered some sort of performance bonus program in 2014, compared to just 50 percent who offered similar programs before 2010. And 10 percent of companies surveyed have special programs that are only for developers.

“Companies faced with a tight labor market are getting creative based on the competitive situation they’re in,” said President Shravan Goli. “They’re trying everything they can to lure elite developers to their ranks?sign-on bonuses, equity programs, retention bonuses.”

Goli added that the bonuses are more significant in Silicon Valley and New York City than in other parts of the country. “In the Valley and in tech hubs like New York City, compensation, bonuses, perks, incentives are going to be a little crazier and over-the-top because firms are trying to outdo each other and the cost of living is higher,” he said. “But in other cities there will be more stability and the talent war won’t be as aggressive, because the opportunities aren’t as widespread. People will be paid more, yes, but there aren’t as many technology firms so there aren’t as many other places to go.”

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