Survey: 85% of Enterprises Have a Mobile App Backlog

Survey: 85% of Enterprises Have a Mobile App Backlog

A new survey commissioned by OutSystems, a vendor that sells a rapid application development Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), finds that 85 percent of the enterprise application development directors and managers surveyed have a backlog of at least one mobile app. And nearly half of those surveyed had a backlog of 10 to 20 mobile apps. Why aren’t they getting those apps completed? Ninety-four percent of those surveyed said they don’t have enough people with mobile development skills on staff.

“It’s clear that organizations are struggling to deal with a deluge of mobile app requests, with multiple platforms to support, hundreds of change requests and complex back-end integrations,” said OutSystems CEO Paulo Rosado. “To make matters worse, as demand for mobile app developers grows, companies will continue to have a challenge hiring developers. Not only will they be increasingly hard to find, they will also be increasingly expensive.”

According to, the average mobile developer in the U.S. makes $102,000.

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