Survey: Developers Worry About Being Replaced by AI

Survey: Developers Worry About Being Replaced by AI

Evans Data has released a new report based on a survey that asked developers to identify the most worrisome thing in their careers. The number one answer, chosen by 29.1 percent, was “I and my development efforts are replaced by artificial intelligence.” Other top answers included their targeted platform becoming obsolete (23 percent), and their targeted platform not catching on with users (14 percent).

“Another dimension to this finding is that over three-quarters of the developers thought that robots and artificial intelligence would be a great benefit to mankind, but a little over 60 percent thought it could be a disaster,” said Evans CEO Janel Garvin. “Overlap between two groups was clear, which shows the ambivalence that developers feel about the dawn of intelligent machines. There will be wonderful benefits, but there will also be some cataclysmic changes culturally and economically.”

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