What Do Software Engineers Make Across the Country?

San Francisco-based employment firm Hired has published a new report detailing average software engineer salaries in cities across the U.S. It also used a standard-of-living calculator to determine what developers would need to make in San Francisco in order to maintain the same standard of living. Here’s it’s summary of average software engineer pay:

  • San Francisco: $132,000
  • Seattle: $125,000 (SF equivalent: $164,000)
  • L.A.: $122,000 (SF equivalent: $152,000)
  • Chicago, $108,000 (SF equivalent: $155,000)
  • Atlanta: $110,000 (SF equivalent: $163,000)
  • Washington, D.C.: $115,000 (SF equivalent: $136,000)
  • New York: $125,000 (SF equivalent: $123,000)

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